Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm in L.A. right now with my dad and our St. Louis International Student Ministry family for the annual ACMI (Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals) conference. We get to learn about the different religions/cultures and the new and current ways to reach out to Internationals at our campuses. We are staying at Azusa Pacific University and it's beautiful here! The campus has a lot of really awesome landscaping and flowers. On Thursday afternoon when we first arrived, we went with the NAMB group downtown. We toured with our busdriver as the guide...he also hit a car with the ginormous charter bus and knocked off the guys side mirror...kind of scary :) We went to see some cool places like Grauman's Chinese theatre with all the celebrity handprints. There are also a lot of people that dress up as movie characters that walk around there hoping to make some money off of you if you take a picture with them. I got my picture taken with Edward Scissorhands haha! So I'm having a great time so far. I wish we had more time to tour! My unofficial Bolivia team leader lives in LA and he took Justin and I up the mountain through Azusa Canyon which was alot of fun! Which reminds me, I'm thankful that I have Justin to hang out with this week. It wouldn't be the same without him here...we're goofy.

I won't officially start my summer missionary term until the end of June. I can't wait to see what God has planned for us this summer. It's going to be busy and I can imagine that there will be a few struggles/complications that the enemy will try to attack us with because I can already feel it, but I have faith God will work all of it out because He's just cool like that. I'm also totally excited about going to Bolivia at the end of July! We will be leaving on my I'll be turning 20 on one of the 4 planes we'll be riding to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Well, I'm off to go hang out with my ISM fam until bedtime! Check back soon for more about my experience here and pictures too!

In Christ,

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