Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great Start To The Summer

I just got back yesterday evening from Los Angeles. It's way hotter in St. Louis than it was there!

I had quite an experience in my little over 4 day trip...full of conference stuff that wasn't all that bad, and we got to go touring too. I got to see some pretty amazing stuff! On Sunday afternoon, my friend that lives in LA picked my friends and me up from Azusa and took us to Santa Monica Beach! It was beautful! We got to try some authentic Mexican tacos, and ate dinner at In and Out burger which was also really good! I'm super glad I got to experience this awesome stuff!

As far as the conference goes, it was good overall. I mean there were some boring moments, but I also learned and experienced a lot. One morning, we worshipped in the Hindi language to Indian sounding music and it was so amazing! I had never experienced worship in that way before and I loved how I could feel God's prescence in music that was so foreign to me in the worship sense. It kind of amazes me to see how this organization called ACMI has come so far working in International Student Ministry (ISM). Not so long ago, I thought my dad was one of the only ones who had a passion like that to reach out to the international college students. I cannot wait to start my summer missionary position this summer to find out what ways God will use me to minister to internationals and refugees. God is definitely starting a fire in me....I can feel the enemy trying to hinder it, but I am striving to keep him out and letting the light stay shining.

I feel like my summer is really starting at home now because I was only home for 2 days from school before I left for Hannibal then L.A. Definitely glad to be home now. I cannot wait to see all my friends that I've been missing while away at school. This week is already full of plans to see them! I plan on making the most out of my summer and not wasting a single minute.

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