Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gotta Love It

So my summer has gotten increasingly better everyday and definitely better than my last post. I was having a very off week to say the least. I had a lot of weird emotions and stress going on that prevented me from really being my usual self. I'm definitely better. All the feelings I had of being stressed out or frustrated with have diminished by the grace of God. I am so thankful that God has humbled me and continually reminds me how wonderful and extroardinary my life is and how I need to cherish every moment instead of dwelling on tiny, miniscule details. I cannot wait for my summer missionary position to officially start this weekend. Yes, I will lose a lot of free time, but that is a price I'm willing to pay. There is nothing I want more than to be in this particular mission field. I know there will be struggles, but I will have to keep reminding myself of the bigger picture that I'm ultimately trying to further God's kindgom and there is no greater thing I can do on this Earth than that.

This week has started with a lot of fun! Yesterday, I hung out with my brother and then went to hang with one of my best friends from high school, Jenny. We had a random adventure just driving around doing silly things like we used to and it was a lot of fun! Today, I went to Chesterfield Valley with my mom and brother for breakfast at the Original Pancake House...which is quite tasty! Then, we went shopping and ended up getting to hang out with my friend Justin there for awhile which was also quite entertaining. Tonight, I got to hang out with one of my great friends Eric. We've been friends for so long and we rarely get to hang out anymore so I'm glad I got to spend time with him as well.

I have a lot more in store for me this week. A major event going on this weekend is Christian Family Day at the Cardinals game. Over 3000 underpriveledged children get to come and have a day of fun and I get to help make it happen. After the game, there will be a concert by the Christian band Newsong and a message from some of the Cards players like PULJOS and others!!! I'm pretty stoked!!!!

Peace Out!

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