Friday, June 19, 2009

Trying to Find Peace and Understanding

Yes it has been a very interesting week to say the very least...very busy, difficult at times, and stressful even. On Monday, I registered for classes at Union University in Jackson, TN. I felt very odd there still I think mostly because that day was mostly filled freshman and something I did not really care to experience again. I believe that the school will be excellent for my education none the less and hope that my experience there will be great as well.

On Tuesday, I started helping out with VBS at my church. I hadn't gotten to help the last couple years because of working, so it was kinda fun to be around all the kids again. I didn't really work in one spot like usual though...I helped with bed babies 2 days and 3&4 year olds today. On Wednesday, I taught the missions class! We learned about missionaries that work in Columbia. I enjoyed that a lot, too.

I also got to hang out with friends this week that I enjoy hanging out with a lot so that was good too. I am very blessed to have friends like I do to rely on and have a good time with.

On the more down side, I have been struggling with something that is not even really my own issue. I tend to worry about others and their problems sometimes even more than my own. I just found out that my friend who was going to be working with me this summer doing International Student Ministry is no longer going to be working it. This is not about me just wanting to work with my friend all summer, because I know we'll still see each other (hopefully). I guess I'm just a little discouraged because he had already made the commitment to it and we went through training and a conference in LA, and he's decided not to do it only a week before the job starts. My dad and I both thought he would be able to help this ministry and really receive the blessing I think God is going to be working in it this summer because he wants to do mission work and displays some great leadership qualities. He really had some issues with the way our weekly schedule was laid out. On our schedule we were given in description to what we'd be did look full and had 5 days/week laid out for us. Honestly I really don't think he understood that it's not going to be the same schedule every week. I highly doubt there will be one week this summer that I work the amount of hours he thought we were going to work, but oh well. Yeah, there is a bit of a time commitment, but it's a ministry and we're just doing fun stuff like the whole time. I really think I'll probably end up working 3days a week, then having one bigger event planned for the weekend or maybe like 2 smaller things. For me, I know that I want to see my family and friends this summer, too...but I also know that God has called me to missions so I will have to find a balance between them now just as I'll have to learn how to in the future as well. But mission work and family/friend time doesn't have to always be separated either. I mean, the whole reason I became so interested in International Student Ministries in the first place was because of my dad including me in this ministry all these years. I definitely plan on inviting my friends to come to our fun events too so they can experience how God is working and also gives me more time to see them! So I guess my purpose for ranting about this is mainly because I guess I'm a little confused about all of this and why it's happening to me, and also feel bad for him because I think this summer will be amazing, and I just wish my friend would have been able to experience it. I understand his reasoning, but still don't think he gets the full picture of what we're doing. Hopefully he still gets a great summer experience in whatever he ends up doing. This summer is going to be big I know, because God is big and he will do great things in this ministry.

I know that God knew this was going to happen. I hope and pray that everything else this summer goes great. I'm no longer going to let this situation discourage me because I know that God will make everything ok.

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