Thursday, October 7, 2010


Wow I definitely got some things put into perspective for me yesterday. All day Wednesday I was complaining about all the stuff I had to do. Granted, I literally have eight papers I am currently working on, but still...I was reminded how I need to rejoice in everything that I do. Last night I saw a friend's facebook status that a friend of ours who is the church secretary at my home church was in a car accident. I immediately called my mom to see if she knew about it since I know she would just be returning home from Wednesday night church. She said she hadn't heard anything there, which I thought was odd. Well it turns out that April was probably on her way back from working at church yesterday around 4:30 and her heart stopped. Her. Heart. Stopped! This is just devastating news to me. She was found by police not breathing and was sent to the local trauma center where she is now in a coma. I'm not a nursing major anymore, but I do understand how serious this is. It is a miracle already that she is still alive after not breathing for so long. I immediately changed my facebook status to alert anyone else that knows her or doesn't to pray for her condition. The doctors cannot fully diagnose her until she is out of the coma which could take 24-48 hours. I cannot imagine how frightening this must be for her husband Jeff so if you are reading this, I ask you to please keep them in your prayers. I pray that April will wake up without too much significant damage to her heart or brain from the loss of oxygen that was not entering in the time she was not breathing.

This is just so scary for me to hear. I have to say that I felt a little guilty for complaining so much about the business in my own life when I really should be thanking my Father in Heaven that I even have a life and that I am breathing right now.

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