Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

I have been super loaded with work! (Which is why I haven't been writing a lot) I have 3 tests next week in Old Testament History, Psychology, and Human Anatomy & Physiology II. Ugh! I'm definitely dreading all of them. I also have to read a lot, work on a project, and write a paper! Basically, I should not have any life for the next week! I have probably been taking too much social time already (the weather has been super nice so I've been getting a little distracted) I need to get down to business and work.

On the fun side of college life, I have been having a lot of fun with my roomie and my 2 other girl friends Christina and Katie. We are making t-shirts for Valentine's Day which are going to be super cute and hilarious. I just finished mine. On the front, it reads "No Valentine? No problem...(see back for details)" and on back it says "I Got Jesus (He was single too!)" Haha I love it!

As far as my decision I have to make for whether or not I transfer to Union, I have yet to figure it out for sure. After a lot more research on Union, it keeps getting more appealing, but I'm still trying to decipher which voice is God's and which is mine. Only God can let me know for sure what I'm going to do because He already knows. Ugh...I love it at SBU so much, but since I'm going to have to change campuses for nursing anyway I guess it really does not matter because I'm leaving next year would just be farther. I did find that Jackson, TN is 270 miles from St. Louis and it's about 210 to get to Bolivar so distance really won't be that bad either. I pray that I let God fully lead me in the right direction, whatever it may be.

Stay Tuned,


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