Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Need Winter Break To Come Faster

Haha so it's midnight and I'm completely exhausted but of course I can't here I am.

First of all I would like to tell you how AMAZING the Shane and Shane Christmas concert was here on Wednesday! My committee brought them in, but I didn't get to hang out with any of them really because I was working the will call tickets....oh well. I did get pictures with all of them and they signed a poster for me. I still got to watch a great concert of them and Bethany Dillon and Phil Wickham. They all did an amazing job.

Today (well, Sat) I spent the day in Springfield starting early to perform in the orchestra for First Baptist Church's Christmas musical. We had a 4 hour rehearsal that lasted until 2:30 and our performance started at 7:00 so I just hung out in the town instead of making the 30 min drive back to BOMO and then going back to Springfield again. I was going to meet my friend at the mall to do some Christmas shopping but decided not to after I saw the CRAZY crowd of people there. People were parking in other lots not for the mall thats how busy it was! Ugh...anyway I got a little bit of studying done at Kaldi's for my Biology final...but not enough.

I cannot wait for this next week to be finished! I just want these finals to be over with. I will miss it here I'm sure, but I'm so ready for a break and to go home. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all my family and friends....I miss them a lot!!! My friend wrote me today and said I needed to get back so we can play video games and watch Lost...I'm stoked because I'm became addicted to Lost this semester. I watched the first 3 seasons already, and started the 4th which I need to finish before the new season starts in January! Ahhh! Wow, I'm super tired.

Oh- I made turtles tonight! They're made with melted chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter, and peanuts. I haven't eaten one yet because a) I snacked on the melted stuff in the bowl and b) they are still drying. Haha so yeah guess I'll have to wait a while. Anyway, I should probably sleep now because I have church in the morning followed by studying and then another performance in Springfield.


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Jana H said...

Katlyn, thanks again for the gift. That was so nice of you. I will miss you over break too. And your turtles are pretty much amazing. You did a great job.