Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Week Is FULL!!

Wow so it's Tuesday and I'm already worn out from the week! I have already taken a Biology lab final and College Algebra exam, but still have 2 more tests this week and finals next week! So I'm definitely ready to be done and go home for my 6 week break! I cannot wait..

I am really excited about tomorrow night though...I will get to take a break to help out with our Shane and Shane Christmas tour concert! Bethany Dillon and Phil Wickham will also be performing! I'm so excited to be on the committee that brings them in because I get to help them unload when they arrive at 11:00 tomorrow morning and I'll be working they're merchandise and selling tickets before the show. It is going to be awesome!!!

I love Christmas time so much, but it's going by so fast and I don't have a lot of time to do the traditional stuff that's so fun to do this time of year. I did receive a box with PENGUINS on it full of candy and some other penguin stuff from my family. It was cute.I have to admit that I wish I could be home more so we could bake our goodies and do all of our activities we do every year. Oh well, I'll be back the 19th around 2:00!!!

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