Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wake Up

I woke up this morning, and I knew God was already tearing at my heart. I did not really know what He was saying to me, so I opened my Bible not knowing where to even start. My music was playing Christian music on my laptop, and before I could even look at anything, a song by MercyMe called "Keep Singing" came on. It's such a simple song that just says I got to keep praising Him no matter what. Immediately, I knew that God was speaking to me and telling me that I shouldn't worry so much about my future and everything that I've been frusterated with. I was overwhelmed by His prescence and grace to a point where I felt tears form.

I guess I'm really thankful for the gift of music. It is such a blessing to hear words that hit so close to home. Another song that came shortly after the MercyMe song was a song by my friend Kaleb that also really speaks to my heart called "Even Here". It seems so relevant. Here are some of the words to the the song. (if you read this Kaleb...hope it's okay I put them in my blog)

"Finding my way in the night. Every step gets harder and the voices they fill me with fright as I try to progress farther and just when I think I'll never make it through the valley before me.
That's when by Grace and through Faith I begin to see the morning.

As the sun is rising, your mercy is falling on me. As I stand in the glow of its radiance I remember the light of your presence on me. Even here in the death shadowed valley.

You know each step of the way. You have gone before me And the darkness to you is like day, you are here even when I can't see.

Even are with me...even here I can sing."

So I am still praying about my decision to officially be an Intercultural Studies/Nursing major....but I have faith that God will lead me to do what I'm supposed to do.

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