Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So....it's like 1:00 a.m. and I can't sleep...hmm I think it's the free coffee I got from McDonalds(they're giving SBU students free coffee all week!) Haha anyway, I really should be sleeping considering I have my Biology lab test at 10:30.

Earlier today my mom calls me and leaves me a voicemail saying "call me so I can tell you what I did" ha so that gave me an immediate "uh oh" thought. It turns out that she got a cat! It's a black and white cat. I really wish I could be home to meet him. He is exactly what we'd been searching for if we decided we'd ever get another cat. I mean, our cat Tiger is like the boss of the house so we were a little worried about even considering getting him a friend. Anyway, I think my suggestion of the name "Dwight" fits very well even though I haven't officially met the new addition to our family of pets (it's turning into a zoo haha). I hope I get to see him soon and that everything works out with adjusting to the house (apparently it's Tiger who is having a hard time accepting him tho...he's selfish!)

Moving on...I pray that I can do well on this test and my other 2 tests this week. Lord knows I need the good grades on them. Also, I am really looking forward to all the Homecoming stuff this week so I hope that I will be able to balance my studying time and fun time too!

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