Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homecoming Week

In the midst of the two tons of homework and tests I've had this week, it is also Homecoming week here at SBU and I'm trying to enjoy what I can. On Tuesday night, Sean Michel(he was on American Idol and has a really long beard!) and the band Scratch Track came to perform. They were both great, but I really loved Scratch Track. Check them out if you've never heard them before.

Today we had spirit chapel. Basically, all the dorms represent their pride in chapel and each share a cheer/chant and some type of dance or skit. My dorm, Leslie won 3rd place! Ours was a dance to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby" but re-worded with "Leslie Ladies". Haha it was a riot and also very well done. Our cheer was ended with us sitting down and repeating "We can get real clean without standing up, without standing up"---if you don't know, our dorms are the only girl dorms on campus with bathtubs. :D ha it cracked me up!
<--Tonight was definitely very interesting. I went with a friend to see the "Brawl behind the hall". It's just a bunch of brawls between guys at the Maupin dorm on campus. I definitely freaked out a little because I was paranoid that someone would get seriously hurt. But no one did, so it's all good.

Well that's my week so far. One more test left this week then none till next Friday! Yippee!

God Bless!

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