Sunday, October 5, 2008

Doing My Best I went to church with my friend Angel in Springfield, got to see my friend Grant who is leaving for East Asia for a 2 year Journey Man trip a week from Tuesday, and also got into a fender bender with Angel coming back into BOMO(I wasn't driving and everything is fine). So it was quite a day to say the very least. I'm writing this now in procrastination of my chemistry homework...shh don't tell. haha

God has really humbled me a lot in this last week. I have beat up by Him, then swept up by His grace. Ha it's truly amazing how God works. God has been teaching me and telling me that all I have to do is follow's going to be rough and confusing at times...but the reward will be great in the end. It's not like I did not really know/understand this before, but I really think I need to continue to just lay down my life and surrender fully to Him. I cannot do anything, not one tiny thing on my own. I guess I've been ignoring Him some just because I just keep being brought right back. This time, I pray that I can truly die to myself and take up my cross daily.

As for my decision on my is still undefined. I am still doing some reasearch on the Intercultural Studies major and some hardcore praying in the process. I have until the end of October to make my please keep me in your prayers.

I will be going into quite a busy week starting's homecoming week which should be fun since it's my first on in college, but I have to keep balance with my studies because I have 3 tests this week!

It's All By Faith.

In Christ,

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Jana H said...

Hey, I know it's a stressful time, but I will be praying that God grants you his wisdom. I know he will, and I know that whatever you do, he will prosper you. Just trush him. It's so much easier said than done. Check out my blog too. it's