Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Semester Begins

So I have not posted in a very long time...I really miss writing here but have been preoccupied with other things. I guess I should start out by saying I had a very amazing winter break. It was a very long 6 week break that most people don't get the luxury of having. I got to relax and sleep a lot which was much needed. I also got to spend some quality time with friends and family that I missed so much while I was at school. The major events of the break were Christmas (duh), concerts, Urbana'09, and more that I can't really think of at the moment. For those of you that do not know what Urbana is, it's a week-long missions conference that was held downtown St. Louis. Convenient right? Anyway, I got to spend that week with about 15,000 other students from all over the US and World that had a passion for missions. AMAZING! There was hundreds of missions organization booths that I got to speak with and have found some great resources of places I could potentially work with as a nurse doing missions in the future. It was such a blessing to be able to feel like I was in the right place and truly finding answers to God's calling for me. Another big blessing of that week were the many speakers and music at the worship services. We got to sing praises to our Lord in Swahili, Arabic, and Spanish...such an incredible worship experience.
       Some other experiences on my break...I got to see White Christmas the musical at the Fox Theater in STL. It was epic! Judy Garland's daughter was one in it and that was really special for both my mom and I considering how much we love Judy Garland.
      What else? Oh! I went to see Lady Gaga in concert at the Fox with my brother...what a wild show that was! If you have ever seen a music video or live performance of her on TV, it was the same only better in person. It was wildly entertaining to say the very least.
       In January, I took New Testament for the accelerated semester online. I learned so much and it was so much fun! Yes, there was quite a bit of reading, but I really got to dig deep into the word and we also watched movies and listened to music to interpret and see how it compared to the Bible. Our final was to watch the post-apocalyptic movie, The Book of Eli, and write a 2 page paper on it. How cool is that? I would definitely recommend seeing The Book of Eli because it was probably the most spiritually based movie I have seen in a theater. Denzel does an amazing job!
        My mom and I got to cook a lot over break. I really really love to cook. I know my mom dreams of owning her own coffee shop/bakery cafe someday and I really hope that it comes true for her. She is currently working on a project called 52 Weeks of Baking inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia" in hopes to come up with a good idea of a menu for her future cafe.

Now on to the present! I am glad to be back at school in Jackson. I have a  very busy semester (17 hours!) ahead of me, but hey, I gotta get it done in order to be in nursing school this fall. My workload is currently under control but I fear the day when it becomes an overwhelming pile of misery. My roommates and I have decorated our dorm for Valentines Day. We have some cute heart garlands and even gave our cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen a pink cape! This Friday, the Student Nurses Association is going to be holding a bake sale called "Have a Heart for Haiti" and all proceeds will go toward the victims of the Haiti earthquake. My roommate Michelle came up with the idea and I'm so excited for it! I am going to make gooey butter cake and strawberry white chocolate chip cookies to contribute. I hope we make a lot of money for them! I am anxious for to see where God leads me this semester. I am actually doing really well in reading the word and staying on task so I'm praying this stays put!

Love in Christ,

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