Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wow this semester flew by super fast! I cannot believe I am heading home tomorrow for winter break already! Though I have not been able to post much this semester, I cannot even describe how thankful I am for how much God has been working in my life. Through so many changes, God is continuing to shape me and use me in mighty ways.

After the mission trip to Bolivia in August, I now still fully believe mission work is more of a desire in my heart than it ever has been before. I just read the monthly newsletter from Nacer Ministries that I worked with, and it still breaks my heart knowing how unfortunate these children are, but are still being blessed daily by following God. Two homes I worked with will be moving this month. The girls home was lost due to government issues, so they are being forced to leave and are going to be staying on the new property. This property that I helped with over the summer is great for them, but their new home is yet to be built. They will stay in little huts that are already there, so it will be a tight squeeze until the construction of the new home is complete. I really wish I could go help them myself, but know that is probably not going to be able to happen. I pray that many will be able to assist in the construction there to help them get it up even faster.

This semester was a challenging one, but a good one to say the least. My classes were pretty tough, so I had to force myself to get into better studying habits. I raised pretty much all of my classes a full letter grade.  Thank you Jesus! I have completed 3 of my 5 finals this week. My last two, world civilization and statistics, is tomorrow...then I'm off to St. Louis until I come back for spring semester which is not until Feb. 2nd! I can't believe I have almost 2 months off! I will be taking an online accelerated class in January, and I got my job back at the Magic House, so I will have things to keep me occupied.

I feel so blessed to be here at Union. I know it was definitely in God's plan to get me here. My roommates have been one of the biggest blessings of all. They are all so sweet, understanding, and supportive. I love spending time with them and getting to know them. I have also made many great friends here. So many have amazing hearts for serving God. City Fellowship, the church I have started attending, has also been a great place of worship. I will elaborate on my experience there some other time.

Christmas is approaching fast. The weather here finally feels like's refreshing actually. I am so excited to go home and do all the Christmas festivities with my family and friends that we do every year.

Love and Peace

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