Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a weekend...

Well, it has been quite the weekend experience for me. I went to visit Union University in Jackson, TN. Friday, I left Bolivar and drove 3 hrs to STL, then went from STL and drove the 4 hrs to Jackson with my family. I do honestly believe that God is leading me to go there, and I don't really have any other choice anyway. The town is very cute and a lot bigger than Bolivar. That's besides the point, though. One thing I think God has taught me (once again) is that I really need to just trust in Him that this is where He wants me. I was kind of expecting that once I arrived on the campus, that I would be so in love with it that I would not have any doubt that my place was to be at Union, but that wasn't really what happened. I ended up feeling an immediate force of doubt come over "What if this isn't the right choice? Why did I decide to come here?" etc...and I also realized how much I have become attached to SBU. But really after much thought and prayer, I think that Satan was attacking me more than anything because I was letting the doubt bring on a fear that I know was unnecessary. Yes, I am comfortable at SBU because I've already been through almost 2 semesters there and I love pretty much everything about our community we have and the relationships I've formed, but I know that Union is going to be the place I need to go to prepare me for my future and career. It will be a struggle and challenging going to a new place and having to re-live those first-year nerves, but I have faith that God will help me get through it.

I did absolutely fall in love with the town, dorms, and science building! I was amazed at how wonderful the technology is for their nursing program there. I just got even more excited to become a nurse. Also, I heard that the nursing students do mission trips! So that was a major plus considering that's what I want to do! The student-faculty ratio is like 11:1 which is amazing so I'm pretty stoked about that too. I think the more personal setting will be better for me. The dorms are flippin' sweet! Every dorm is apartment-style each complete with a kitchen, washer/dryer, living room/dining room, 2 bathrooms, and 4 bedrooms! The bedrooms are like closets, but I'm glad I will be able to have some privacy. There were a few down their rec center. I feel like our wellness center at SBU is like heaven compared to Union's, but the town makes up for it since there are a lot of parks and trails I will be able to run on. I also loved how everyone there is super friendly. And...the campus has over 35 other countries represented in the student body which is awesome.

After we visited the campus, we drove to visit Memphis for ahile and hung out on Beale Street. It's only like an hour away from Jackson! I love Memphis a lot!

Other stuff going on lately...
I went barefoot all day on Thursday for TOMS shoes to raise awareness for what they do. TOMS is an organization that makes shoes and for every pair you buy, they send a pair to a child in need. Going barefoot was a very humbling experience for me. Though I know a lot about poverty, it was difficult to go only go barefoot one day and know that people all over the world go without shoes everyday. I was complaining that my feet hurt after only a few hours walking on concrete. Knowing people go all over, walking long distances on less-than sanitary surfaces is truly heart-breaking to me. I love this cause and my TOMS shoes and will definitely be supporting them again soon with another purchace! Check them out

Well I'm going to get ready to head back to Bolivar, so I'll check in later this week sometime!

In Christ,

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Tim Ellsworth said...

Glad you had a good visit to campus, Katlyn, and am thrilled that you'll be joining us here at Union. I hope your transition goes smoothly.

Tim Ellsworth
Director of News and Media Relations
Union University