Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yay for Penguins!

So yeah if you didn't know already...penguins are pretty much my favorite animal in the entire world!! Tonight, Jana and I decorated the room for Christmas since it will be December when we come back from Thanksgiving break! We put a Christmas tree in the room (which doesn't have very many ornaments yet so we improvised a little--like a McCain/Palin button LOL) and we also put up penguin window clings...I even have a penguin stocking! All of this came from my family because we are like ultra holiday happy around this time of year and I guess they wanted my room to have a little of the same spirit as our home does! It's not a bad thing at all...I used to pretend like it was lame that we always seemed to let the decorations explode, but I love it actually...and our house is really cute! I'm kinda sad I won't be around for all of the traditions we have for Christmas. We used to do something different every day in December leading up to Christmas making cookies, cutting snowflakes, or watching a favorite holiday film! It's okay least I get to be back for 5 weeks starting Dec. 19th!

Shane Claiborne and Mike Yankosky (authors who spoke at our school) really made me think about how we celebrate though. It's good to have fun with the holiday spirit, but we cannot forget what the season is really about. I mean, we were reminded from Shane of how awful it had to have been to be born like Jesus was and the time he was born. He was in a nasty smelling manger in a stable with poop! And this was at a time of genocide when all newborns were being killed! Now that's not all happy, bright fun now is it? And here we are buying tons of gifts for each other while Jesus got 3...which were probably not something a baby would want. Haha I remember Shane saying "yeah, what kind of baby wants myrrh?"

So yeah, I am totally for having fun, but really want to make sure I respectfully observe this time as being when my Lord came to Earth as flesh in Jesus to save us from our sins.

I'm coming home tomorrow after my class ends at 3:00 for a week! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

God Bless!

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