Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Close I Can Almost Taste It!

Thanksgiving break is comin in 2 days! I'm so ready to be home for a week to hang out with family and friends and cook some really good food with my mom and g-ma (who I call Mama). Makin the turkey and chicken 'n dumplings are just 2 among the massive menu we make every year. I just love cooking!

This week has been quite amazing so far if I do say so myself. God has really blessed me by being able to be on the committee (IFC- Integration of Faith & Cultures) that brought in a very unique, passionate, Jesus-following author named Shane Claiborne. (You may recall I wrote about his book, Jesus for President, a few posts back on my thoughts after the election). He spoke at our school 4 times...twice in chapel and twice the past 2 evenings. He wears clothes he made himself and has dreadlocks...which is awesome! I got the priveledge of getting to know him working his merchandise table and going to dinner with him with aboout 12 other students on the SGA and UAC. He has some of the most mind-blowing stories of his past experiences. I really loved every minute because he was humorous, yet challenging us and stepping on our toes about the way we live for Christ. He has been to countries all over the world reaching out, and lives in a community house with 7 others he started called The Simple Way. Each individual person in their community only lives off $150 per month! The rest they use for thier feeding others in the neighborhood. It was very inspiring for me to see how simply he lives his life and just uses all of his time to truly glorify Christ in everything he does. Here's a pic of him...unfortunately I didn't take any with my own camera (I's very unlike me!) I'm goin to move on for now...but will probably write more later on about this.

Oh..I'd also like to encourage you to check out his ministry at

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Jana H said...

I will miss you next week, roomie, but we will have fun when you get back. We'll have to play Christmas music everyday. Have fun in St. Louis.