Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Back

Hello! I'm sorry this post is long overdue! It's Friday and I am so happy it's finally the weekend because I have had a really awful week! My trusty computer decided to not be so trusty anymore after it decided to crash on me Tuesday. I took it to Best Buy and had the Geek Squad take a look at it only to find out that it needed to be sent in to be further diagnosed but of course, drum roll please, my extended warranty just expired in July. I obviously was not about to spend $80 just to find out what was wrong with it so I ended up buying an external hard drive to make sure I saved everything on my laptop before it fully dies. Right now, it still works while I have it on but I fear that it won't be much longer before I lose it. This really has not been my year for technology considering my ipod was lost/stolen last month and now I don't have a laptop. Anyway...enough with the negative.

Well I'm back to school for my second year at Union.I am taking all classes for my major and while I'm excited to dive into them, I'm also a lttle nervous. I have a ton of work to do already, but it should be fun also!
I successfully moved into our dorm, which are the newest buildings on campus. There were a few flaws in the buildings (like leaky toilets and showers streaming water from underneath into my bedroom) but I do like them overall. The new furniture is nice too. Seeing everyone has been nice...I have definitely missed my roommates and friends here. We have a new roommate this semester, too. She's really sweet and funny...I just hope we haven't scared her too much with our weird ways haha. Tonight we are decorating the dorm for fall and I'm super excited to just relax and have fun.

Many Blessings,

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