Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life is Precious

I am super stressed out with life right now with a lot of tests to study for, papers to write...gotta keep my grades up for nursing school. In the midst of my crazy, chaotic life I have found comfort in just knowing that I can rely on Jesus in all things. I find it hard to go back to Jesus sometimes because I've chosen to not let Him consume me like I should. The guilt I have is sometimes overbearing, but I know I am forgiven and I have to just keep doing my best. I have not written in awhile because of the messiness of life, but I hope to start writing more often again. Right now, I am studying for a statistics test that I'm praying I will do well on because I really need a good grade in there! Motivation has been lacking the last few days...probably because I got so distracted from the Halloween festivities over the weekend! I had a really great Halloween. Two of my roommates and I dressed up as obnoxious teen Twilight fans. We made shirts for our teams...haha I was Team Edward! It was hilarious. Here's some pictures for you to enjoy! I will leave you here and catch up again as soon as I can. --Katlyn

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