Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Call

I am so incredibly grateful for the life I get to live. My family has never ceased to support me in everything I do...I have decided that God has called me to really do missions that I've felt so led to do through nursing. It may sound a little cliche but I know that He has given me the sign. I was in a college fair here at SBU for the St. John's College of Nursing, and my original plans were to recieve my B.S.N. and do mission work with it. Well...at the end of the meeting, the advisor said that just that morning, the Director of Intercultural Studies majors had created a Nursing/Intercultural studies major. I was completely astounded considering Intercultural Studies was so intriguing to me before I ever decided to become a nurse. SO...now I'm going to be an RN and get to do missions as my major! I'm so excited!!!

I have also interviewed in the last week to go on a mission trip next summer to Bolivia where I will be working with an Orphanage and other things in the city of Santa Cruz....and I also interviewed to be a Disciple Now leader at churches in the area that request SBU student leaders. I pray that God will really use me to minister according to His will.

Please keep me in your prayers!

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